Seventy6 8ty Agency

Seventy6 8ty Agency was established based on a clear vision and purpose, driven by a determination to bring it to life. The ultimate satisfaction lies in realizing this vision and positively impacting even a single individual’s journey. Initially, the company catered to a select group of clients, employing effective techniques to enhance their online presence. These services ranged from photography for some clients to the creation of flyers and compelling content for events or businesses.

Moreover, we have recently ventured into the realm of independent music with the establishment of a small record label. Our agency offers comprehensive services in-house, encompassing branding, marketing, artist management, consulting, digital flyers, social media posts, and customized branding items for our clients, among various other offerings.

Seventy6 8ty Agency was established in 2018.  Our core competencies include social media management, content creation, and fostering increased audience engagement for our esteemed clientele.